Pit Viper

Pit Viper The Try-Hard


Heads Up Viper Lovers:  We can't ship you your Vipes.  The Mother Viper Got all bent cause we were sending 'em all over the place.  You can buy them from us but only pick up in-store. Hiss.

Pit Viper is here to party!  But In Saint Pete Only.

Anywhere else you just have to squint.

So you want to know more?

Take training too seriously in The Try-Hard. The first Pit Viper sunglasses to feature interchangeable lenses. One up the competition. Sweat out of your face. Have less fun. Train like everyone's watching.


  • - 100% UVA + UVB Protection

  • - Polarized: No

  • - Modular TR-90 Frame

  • - Kill-A-Gram™ full face and half shell convertible frame system

  • - Nose Picker™ click-adjust nosepiece

  • - Main Lens Look Thru: Brown, 16.5% VLT

  • - Bonus Lens Look Thru: Pink/Amber, 44.5% VLT

  • - Main Lens Color: Blue Revo

  • - Bonus Lens Color: Climax

  • - 2.2mm polycarbonate interchangeable lenses

What's in the box

  • - 1 Limpcloth™

  • - 1 Nose Picker™ nosepiece

  • - 1 Tie Downs™ Retainer Strap

  • - 1 EVA firmcase w/ bonus lens slot

  • - 1 Bonus Climax lens (low-light, 44.5% VLT)

  • - Kill-A-Gram™ convertible frame system

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