Road Bikes

Speed - Distance - Aerodynamics

Road bikes are designed to move fast on paved surfaces. Types of road bikes include racing bikes, endurance bikes, time trial bikes and fixed gear bikes.

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Gravel Bikes

Also called All-Road bikes. Gravel bikes offer great versatility and the ability to take you off the beaten track.

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Mountain Bikes

No roads, no problem. Take a ride on the wild side.

Mountain bikes are designed to handle the toughest of terrain.

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Fitness Bikes

Fast and stable. A great fitness bike gets you where you are going and helps keep you in shape. Like a road bike without the drop handlebars.

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Comfort Bikes

Not in a hurry?

Take it smooth and easy. Relax and cruise in an upright and comfortable position.

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eBikes make cycling fun. Go longer distances and carry more stuff. Leave your car at home and ride right on by the traffic jam.

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