Pit Viper

Pit Viper The Limousine


Heads Up Viper Lovers:  We can't ship you your Vipes.  The Mother Viper Got all bent cause we were sending 'em all over the place.  You can buy them from us but only pick up in-store. Hiss.

Pit Viper is here to party!  But In Saint Pete Only.

Anywhere else you just have to squint.

So you want to know more?

Arrive in style, in The Limousine. The luxurious comfort of these premier Pit Vipers is no stretch. Bendable metal nose and ear pieces cater to any face shape. Swap out the included bonus lens with a snap of a button so you can pop champagne day AND night.

Party on the inside, in The Limousine.


  • - 100% UVA + UVB Protection

  • - Polarized: Yes

  • - Main Lens Look Thru Color: Grey, 16% VLT

  • - Bonus Lens Look Thru Color: Brown Fade, 50% VLT

  • - Main Lens Color: Gold Revo Mirror

  • - Bonus Lens Color: Brown Fade

  • - 2.0mm Polycarbonate Lens

  • - Frameless 

  • - Snap Button Lens Interchange System

  • - Bendable Metal Nose Piece & Ear Pieces

What's in the box

  • -  1 Limpcloth™

  • - 1 Bonus Lens

  • - 1 Clamshell Hardcase 

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