BMC Kaius 01 Three

$4,800.00 $5,999.00

TCC - Tuned Compliance Concept

High tech, less fatigue

Kaius is a premium carbon gravel bike built to be your elite race companion for all terrains. The unprecedented carbon layup and gravel-specific geometry ensure the perfect balance of stiffness, lightweight, and compliance for optimal traction on loose surfaces, front-end stability, and unmatched climbing prowess. Harnessing the precision and performance of our renowned leading road technologies, Kaius is a race machine tuned to the gravel wavelength with the engineered Kaius fork, our signature ICS2 stem and conventional bar, TCC Race compliance, compatibility with 1x and 2x drivetrains and up to 44 mm of tire clearance.

We are at the optimal intersection of rigidity and vertical compliance. Road bikes don’t typically feature active suspension elements but that does not mean we shelved the concept of a more comfortable ride. We develop our frames using a systematic approach, engineering each purpose-built bike to suit the needs of its rider. From aero-specific speed-searchers to the mile-grinding Roadmachine rider, each model features optimised vertical compliance where it matters most. We deploy our Tuned Compliance Concept to achieve the required amount of vertical compliance and lateral rigidity to deliver a tailored riding experience. The result is the ultimate balance between comfort and performance for a ride that is both forgiving and fast. Our gravel bikes utilize a D-shape seatpost and Micro Travel Technology for an incredibly plush and efficient ride on even the roughest terrain.

TCC Speed

TCC Speed is all about performance. The compliance system is designed to optimize power transfer and rolling resistance on every road surface. The carbon layup of the Timemachine Road filters road vibration through the fork and the design of the dropped seatstays to improve efficiency. Meanwhile, the flattened profile of the ICS Aero stem delivers comfort and control without affecting aerodynamics. TCC Speed is a key feature of Timemachine Road, a solution built to minimize fatigue and help riders produce consistent power over extended efforts.

· Optimized power transfer

· Improved rolling speed

· Reduced fatigue

· Sharp and confident handling


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